Support Staff/Facilities


Since 1981, Herring Spine and Rehab has been the choice for quality chiropractic services in East Alabama. The two doctors have a combined 69 years of experience. The five full time staff members have worked for Herring Spine and Rehab for over 86 years combined.

Dr. Ron and Dr. Rod with Melanie, Emma, Deanne, Tammy, and Aurelia with 155 total years at Herring Spine and Rehab
Melanie at the front desk
Aurelia with a patient
Emma applying care to a patient
Deanne in the insurance/business office
Tammy in the insurance/business office
Dr. Ron & Dr. Rod, 69 years of experience


Built in 1988, Herring Spine & Rehab is a full service chiropractic facility with over 5200 square feet. We are located between East Alabama Medical Center and Tiger Town.

Herring Spine and Rehab
Six Private Treatment Rooms
X-Ray Department
Patient Education
Therapy Department
Cox Decompression/ Traction